What is Lyme disease?

 Lyme disease can strike anyone at any time.

It is an infection spread by tick bites.

It attacks the nerves, brain, heart, joints, and eyes, and can also cause skin rashes.

Research suggests 1/3 or more of Lyme patients still have symptoms after antibiotic treatment.

Sometimes symptoms last weeks or months, but in some cases they are permanent.

Lyme disease is spreading at 14% a year throughout Europe.

Lyme is the commonest and fastest-spreading disease in Europe that is caught from biting creatures.


However, Lyme disease is one of the most under-researched illnesses in the western world.

We do not know the best treatment for Lyme disease, or why some people never get better.

We do not know the best way to diagnose Lyme disease.

We do not know how many people in the UK catch Lyme disease each year.

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