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Why do we need money?

Caudwell LymeCo Charity works on educating the public on how to avoid tick bites and how to recognise Lyme disease, and aims to fund desperately needed medical research to better understand this terrible disease.

More than 8 people in Britain catch Lyme disease every day. Although it can cause heart attacks, acute inflammation of the brain and paralysis, we still need research to answer the most basic of questions. For example, we know it is a bacterial infection, but we still don’t know the best antibiotic protocols to cure it. We know some people who catch Lyme disease never feel better again, but we still don’t have a test that can find out if their infection has actually been cured or not. The list of what we still don’t know about Lyme disease goes on and on.

Medical research tends to be very expensive, but Caudwell LymeCo has two advantages.

Firstly, we are a registered charity which means all donations can be made tax free – you don’t have to worry about organising this, as we can claim the tax back after you have donated.

Secondly, we have a very kind sponsor, Mr. John Caudwell, who pays all the operating and administrative costs of Caudwell LymeCo Charity, including staff salaries. This means that every penny donated or raised for the charity by you will be saved up to help pay for medical research, and used to educate the public.