Why Donate to the Caudwell LymeCo Research Fund?

Lyme disease can strike anyone, at any time. 

The World Health Organisation reports that Lyme disease has been spreading at 14% a year in Europe, for the last 20 years. It has issued warnings about Lyme disease.

“This is not the time to lower our guard”

Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe

Research suggests up to 1/3 or more of Lyme patients suffer symptoms after treatment.

Some people are too ill to work ever again.

Lyme disease is poorly understood by doctors.

Many people aren’t diagnosed until they have already had Lyme disease for several months or years.

This  makes it much less likely they can be properly cured.

Lyme disease is one of the most under-researched illnesses in the western world.


  • We don’t know the most reliable test to diagnose Lyme disease, and we don’t have a test to check if the infection has been wiped out after someone has been treated.

  • We don’t know why some people suffer long-term or permanent symptoms after catching Lyme disease, or how many people, or even what all the lasting consequences of Lyme disease can be.

  • We don’t know how many people in the UK catch Lyme disease each year – the government just has to work with estimates.

  • We know ticks can spread other diseases, but we don’t know how many people in the UK with Lyme disease also catch other diseases when they get bitten.

  • We don’t know the right antibiotic treatment to cure everyone with Lyme disease. Antibiotics have never been tested on UK patients, who may have different strains of bacteria from American patients.

What needs to be done?

The UK government is running two projects, to establish what we do and don’t know about Lyme disease in the UK.

One is run by NICE, the National Institute of Health care and Excellence, which produces treatment guidelines for NHS doctors.

The other is an independent enquiry by the Department of Health.

These government projects will publish recommendations about exactly what research into Lyme disease is most needed.

These will give us a well-planned “road map” for scientific research into Lyme disease in the UK.

But we need to raise funds to pay for this research.

We also need to lobby parliament to allocate state funding as well.

The research may not be done unless we do both of these things.

The Caudwell LymeCo Research Fund target is

Why the Caudwell LymeCo Research Fund?

  1. We are the only UK charity raising money purely for Lyme disease research. We need research done in the UK, because American or other overseas patients may have different strains of the bacteria, and get different research results.

  2. All donations can be made tax free because we are a registered charity. You don’t have to worry about organising this, as we can claim the tax back after you have donated.

  3. Every penny donated goes to research. Our sponsor, Mr. John Caudwell, pays all the administrative costs of Caudwell LymeCo Charity, including staff salaries.

Can you help?