Why Donate to the Caudwell LymeCo Research Fund?

Lyme disease is spreading rapidly

Lyme disease is increasing at 14% a year in Europe. The World Health Organisation has issued warnings about Lyme disease.

Up to 1/3 or more of Lyme patients still suffer symptoms after treatment. Some people are too ill to work ever again.

Patients need cures

Lyme disease is one of the most under-researched illnesses in the western world.

The NHS cannot cure chronically ill people, until there is research evidence to show what will work.

Some patients pay private doctors and try experimental treatments. We want proven treatments that can cure every patient, available on the NHS.

Why Caudwell LymeCo?

We are a UK charity raising money purely for Lyme disease research. We need research done in the UK, because American or other overseas patients may have different strains of the bacteria, and get different research results.

All donations can be made tax free because we are a registered charity. You don’t have to worry about organising this. We can claim the tax back after you have donated.

Every penny donated goes to research. Our sponsor, Mr. John Caudwell, pays all the administrative costs of Caudwell LymeCo Charity, including staff salaries.

Which research do we need?

The National Institute of Health Care and Excellence (NICE) has published Lyme disease treatment guidelines for NHS doctors. They include research recommendations.

Go to The NICE guidelines Lyme disease research recommendations in 3 minutes

Caudwell LymeCo aims to help fund this research.

How much do we need?

The estimated amount needed for this research is

Can you help?