The first year UK marathon runners raise money for Lyme disease research

This April, seven volunteers will become the first in the UK ever to run marathons to raise money for Lyme disease research. All the runners are raising donations for the Caudwell LymeCo Charity research fund, and six of the seven have never run marathons before.

“These runners are making a real difference by supporting Caudwell LymeCo,” said David Canfield, trustee and treasurer of the charity. “Our charity puts all the donated money towards research into Lyme disease, as solid scientific evidence is the only way ultimately to achieve better health for Lyme disease patients.”

A legacy of hope

The runners include Sarah Barrow and Nick Westwood, both from Hereford, who will run the BRIGHTON MARATHON on 15th April. Greg Bishop, the only experienced marathon runner, will run the LONDON MARATHON on 22nd April.

These three runners are all motivated to make this impressive effort in memory of Fizz Watkins, who suffered so severely from Lyme disease that she took her own life last year. Sarah Barrow and Greg Bishop were close friends with Fizz. Beautiful and vivacious, Fizz suffered debilitating symptoms for years after being struck down by Lyme disease. She saw countless doctors and suffered a great deal of pain and relentless fevers. She travelled abroad for diagnosis and treatment but, tragically, too late. There is no proven cure for Lyme disease that has not responded to standard antibiotic treatment.

“We are so impressed by these lovely young people’s effort and commitment,” said Karen Watkins, Fizz’s mother. “We hope it will remind everyone of the warmth, kindness and fun that Fizz brought to our lives. She reached out to so many despite her despair. We want her legacy to be one of hope and that one day a cure for Lyme disease will be found.”

Huge efforts to help desperate patients

The other four runners at the BRIGHTON MARATHON on 15th April are Jack McCombe, Victoria Goodchild, Amber Coleman and Molly Seekings. They are all running in honour of their friend Holly Rubenstein who, despite suffering severe symptoms from Lyme disease, has rallied an impressive amount of support for fundraising and awareness raising.

“These runners are making huge efforts to help desperate patients, both in taking on the challenge of running a marathon for the first time and in their tireless efforts to raise donations,” said Veronica Hughes, CEO of Caudwell LymeCo charity. “We hope the entire Lyme disease patient community will get behind them.”

How to support them

For information on the Caudwell LymeCo research fund, visit Why donate to Caudwell LymeCo?

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