If you are interested in volunteering to help the charity or to do some fundraising, please contact us to discuss it. You may also make a direct donation right away if you wish.

Patient advice

Caudwell LymeCo currently has only one member of staff, and does not have a patient help line.

Please read the section Lyme Disease Basics and Information before contacting the charity, as most of the queries received are already answered there.

You should only ask for medical advice from a qualified and registered doctor. We do not recommend individual doctors. There is a recognised shortage of doctors in the UK with expertise in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease, and the charity hopes to see an improvement in this situation in the future.

Caudwell LymeCo does not pay for private treatment for individual patients. This is not one of the charity’s legally registered activities, so there will be no exceptions.


Caudwell LymeCo is not currently accepting applications for research grants. If you do approach us with a funding request, your correspondence will be filed for possible consideration at a later date.

Legal action

Caudwell LymeCo does not pay for people to take legal action against their doctor/the NHS/the government/anyone else. Suing people or organisations is not generally regarded as a “charitable” activity by the Charity Commission and it is not one of Caudwell LymeCo’s legally registered activities.