Marathon runners set new record for Lyme disease research

Seven outstanding volunteers have completed marathons in aid of the Caudwell LymeCo research fund this year, setting a new record as the first people in the UK to run marathons to raise money for Lyme disease research. Together they have raised tens of thousands of pounds, which will go towards vital research to help find better testing and treatments for Lyme disease.

Experienced runner Greg Bishop completed the London marathon yesterday, running 26.2 miles around the capital dressed memorably as movie character Forrest Gump, in 4 hours and 46 minutes.

“On 4 hours sleep and the hottest marathon since 1996,” said Greg, “I was glad I finished but that was seriously testing.”

Despite the challenging run, musician Greg still found the energy to put on a highly enjoyable charity gig on the evening of the marathon, still wearing his Forrest Gump costume for the performance!

A week ago, six other first-time marathon runners undertook the Brighton marathon in support of Caudwell LymeCo.

Amber Coleman, Victoria Goodchild, Nick Westwood, Sarah Barrow, Molly Seekings and Jack McCombe all ran the gruelling course around England’s beautiful coastal resort dressed in lime green Caudwell LymeCo vests, and raised awareness of Lyme disease, as well as money to help tackle it.

“It’s been an honour to raise money for such a great charity,” commented Sarah Barrow, pictured below running the course and afterwards with her runner’s medal.

Nick Westwood, also a first-time marathon runner, impressed family and friends by completing the course without mishap!

These runners join Rob Berridge, a Lyme disease patient who recovered enough to run the Windsor half marathon in aid of Caudwell LymeCo last year. Our first ever volunteer runner, Rob completed the course around the Royal town of Windsor despite still having some ongoing symptoms from his illness.

We at caudwell LymeCo are hugely grateful to all seven marathon runners, as well as impressed by their immense hard work, pushing through the aches and the blisters to help others.

“This kind of big-hearted and constructive effort all adds up, and will fund research that will lead to a genuine improvement in the help Lyme disease patients can be given,” commented Michael Fenton, Caudwell LymeCo charity trustee. “We are making sure every penny donated goes towards Lyme disease research.”

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  1. Wow! This is brilliant, well done for doing that gruelling run and more importantly for creating much needed awareness! All the best from a fellow chronic Lyme sufferer if 17 years! Lisa Vallo, Bingley, West Yorkshire

  2. Hi. I hope you are well, I know that there is a threat of Lyme Disease worldwide and that this is very difficult to cure. In fact, the Lyme Disease Organization featured a study about a 28-day regimen of Doxycycline and how it does not kill Borrelia bacteria (which causes the said disease) in December of 2017.

    Some group has filed a class action lawsuit against CDC over an alleged suppression of direct Lyme disease test. According to a doctor, Lyme disease is often referred to as the ‘great imitator’ because it mimics other conditions, often causing patients to suffer a complicated maze of doctors in search of appropriate treatment.
    I want to let you know that there are self-cured survivors from this chronic Lyme disease
    1. Rob Matthies – an award-winning inventor in Vancouver, used non-standard healing methods and got cured of chronic Lyme disease in only 53 days.
    2. Will Wiegman PhD – has a degree in sub-cellular biochemistry from Indiana University in 1972 easily cured his Lyme Disease in 60 days using a non-standard antibiotic protocol.

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