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If you or someone you love has been affected by Lyme disease, you will know the devastating effect it can have on someone’s life.

Why not offer a lifeline to Lyme disease sufferers by becoming a LifeLyme member and making a monthly gift to our charity.

Help us fund Lyme disease research

Lyme disease is spreading across Europe at a rate faster than malaria or measles, and yet it’s one of the most under-researched diseases in the western world.

A lack of understanding and training in the medical profession is causing delays in diagnosis and the development, for many, of life-limiting symptoms.

Some people end up paying for expensive private treatment that doesn’t always work.

Up to a third of people never fully recover from the disease.

People like Adam – who you can see in the images above, have developed serious health complications due to inaccurate testing and a lack of knowledge about the disease.

Only objective and thorough scientific evidence will bring about a change in the way NHS patients get diagnosed and treated.

Making a monthly donation of any amount will help us fund research that finds a reliable test and treatment for every UK Lyme disease patient on the NHS.

Having waited 17 years for my diagnosis of Lyme disease, my journey to recovery has been long, difficult and expensive. I chose to make a regular monthly donation to LifeLyme to help prevent others from suffering the same effects of Lyme, as Caudwell LymeCo both raise public awareness of the disease and fund medical research to develop better tests to enable GPs to diagnose with confidence as early as possible.”
Adrian, LIfeLyme Member

A monthly gift of any size

Your monthly gift doesn’t have to be large to make a difference – it can be anything from just a few pounds a month. And every penny we receive will go directly towards the research that’s desperately needed. There’s no commitment or contract, simply give for as long as you’d like, or are able to.

Regular givers are the backbone to any charity, and together, you can help us do amazing things.

Here are some examples of what your gift could help achieve.*

£5 a month could help fund research that finds a reliable diagnostic test – the current tests are only 80% reliable at best.

£20 a month
could fund research that finds proven cures that work for every patient, improving recovery rates.

£10 a month could fund research that helps us understand how Lyme harms the body, and what all its symptoms really are.

£50 a month could fund research that helps to identify whether there are any genuine hotspots for Lyme disease in the UK.

How we’ll say thank you

We’ll accredit you as a supporter on our website (unless you prefer to stay anonymous).

You’ll be the first to receive our quarterly e-newsletter, along with priority invitations to special events that the charity is planning. We’ll also send you one of our awareness bracelets as a thank you gift. Be sure to include your postal address when you sign up if you’d like to receive one.

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Become a LifeLyme member today and make a difference to Lyme disease sufferers, every month.

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Got any questions?
Call Rosie Milsom, Charity Manager on 01630 620523/07342 882111 or email

* *Your donation, no matter the amount, could fund any of the research areas listed and will not be restricted based on the amount.