Lyme disease research

We want to help ensure that every UK sufferer can be diagnosed, treated and completely cured on the NHS.

Without research into Lyme disease, this will not happen.

We are proud to be the only UK charity whose core mission is to fund Lyme research, and we are excited to support pioneering projects into the disease.

Our research priorities

Our charities main priorities for research over the next three years are:

  1. Lyme disease diagnostics – finding a more accurate test for all stages of infection.
  2. Finding effective treatments protocols for all stages of Lyme disease.

You can read more about our research strategy here.

How we fund research

Innovation Fund

The charity will hold an open call for project proposals every 12 months, aiming to give a minimum of two small project grants of up to £50,000 towards innovative approaches which address our research priorities.

These will be for short term projects of around 12-18 months, and open to accredited laboratories, academic institutions and small commercial enterprises in the UK or Europe.

Our first Innovation funding round is open for applications! Find out more here.

General Project Grants

The charity is open to proposals from accredited laboratories, academic institutions and small commercial enterprises in the UK, Europe and the U.S.A for funding into research projects which meet our priorities, at a cost of £50,000 or more.

These are for projects between 1 to 3 years and approaches can be made at any time.

PhD Funding

The charity may consider capacity building by funding bright PhD students who are carrying out research into areas of Lyme disease that match our priorities.

Collaborations & Partnerships

A key part of delivering high quality research will involve working in partnership with others.

We are open to partnerships, investments and collaboration with stakeholders, other funders and charities, government bodies, commercial enterprises, research and academic institutions and patients to form life-changing research projects.

For more information on how to apply for funding, visit our research grants webpage.

How funding decisions are made

All project proposals made which match our interests and priorities will be subject to rigorous peer review and consideration of our scientific advisory committee, to ensure that the projects we fund are credible and of the highest standard.

You can read more about our committee here.

Donate to our research fund

Our aim of funding life-changing research is only is only possible with the support of our amazing donors and funders.

Please consider becoming one of them making a one-off donation, or even becoming a LifeLyme member and making a monthly gift.

If you are a business or a Trust or Foundation that wants to give us your support or invite us to apply for funding, please contact Rosie Milsom, Fundraising & Communications Manager, at or call 07342 882111.