How to check for ticks

Caudwell LymeCo was grateful to speak to one of the world’s leading experts on safe tick removal, known as Tick Man Dan. Proof of his expertise is the fact that he has personally removed more than 300 ticks from his own body, and does not have any tick borne diseases!

He makes educational and entertaining videos to help spread awareness of where to look for ticks on your body and how to remove them. I was interested to learn from him that:

  1. Ticks don’t always bite you on the first spot they land: they may walk all the way into your trousers so they can sink their mouth into your warm, soft groin or genitals. Don’t neglect your crevices!
  2. The adults bite furry animals, but the nymphs almost always bite humans: this means any tick you find on your own body will rarely be bigger than a poppy seed.
  3. Almost all tick removers on the market are too big to remove these tiny nymphs: you definitely need a pair of very fine pointy tweezers if you want to get the tick out of you, instead of just mashing it into your skin.

Watch this great video from Dan to learn how to find and remove ticks on yourself, your children and your pets.

Visit Dan’s website for more great educational information.

You will see information about the tick remover that Dan has designed, with one end the right size to remove adult ticks from dogs, and the other for the the tiny ticks found on humans. We are hoping to help bring this to the UK and European market as well.

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