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Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, getting access to your GP is not as easy as before, and there has been a substantial rise in virtual appointments.

Many who develop a skin condition or rash are being diagnosed from a photo or video of their mark. When it comes to Lyme disease, the EM (erythema migrans) or bull’s eye rash has some distinct characteristics which are not easy to ascertain from a photo.

We’re hearing of patients with a genuine EM rash being told they have a simple insect bite and therefore not getting treatment. On the flip side, we’re hearing that some patients are being diagnosed with Lyme when it turns out that they have just a mosquito or horsefly bite.

This can cause confusion, delays in treatment, or unnecessary fear and worry.

Our solution – how you can help your doctor

To help with this issue and enable patients to make the most out of their GP appointment, we’ve created a FREE downloadable resource.

It gives key information about the EM rash (including the fact that it doesn’t always appear like a clear and distinct bull’s eye – a common misconception even among doctors!), along with some questions you might expect from a GP to help ascertain the cause of the mark.

This will enable patients to prepare for the conversation and have the correct information to hand.

You can download the resource via the button below, or head to our resource webpage for more info.

Someone in your community or social media feed could be experiencing a rash of this nature at this very moment, so please do feel free to share this post among your networks. You never know who it might help.

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  1. I have chronic Lyme, both NHS and Armin tests positive but never had a rash before having meningitis. I woukd like doctors to be informed that 30% of patients DON’T HAVE ANY RASH.

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