Introducing our latest Charity Ambassador

We are grateful to announce a new charity ambassador for Caudwell LymeCo – TV and film actor, Martin McDougall.

About Martin

Martin McDougall is an Anglo American actor. Born in Edinburgh to a Scottish father and American mother, Martin grew up in New Jersey.

In a career spanning twenty-eight years, Martin has worked extensively in theatre, film and television, working with many prominent film directors including: Steven Spielberg – “Saving Private Ryan”, Paul Greengrass – “Green Zone”, Luc Besson – “The Fifth Element”, Christopher Nolan – “Batman Begins”, Fernando Meirelles – “360” and Roger Michell – “Hyde Park On Hudson”.

His recent TV credits include, “The Crown”, “The Honourable Woman” and “Utopia”.

Martin’s also performed in a number of productions at The National Theatre. He currently lives in London with his circus performer wife Desiree Kongerød and their son Aksel.

Why he’s passionate about Lyme disease awareness

HIs connection to the cause of Lyme disease is through his mother and American family. Here he talks about it in his own words:

My mother suffered from undiagnosed Lyme disease.  It was a very hard time her.

The headaches and muscle and joint pain were difficult to deal with, as was the chronic fatigue. Even after she received the proper treatment, it took years to rid herself of the worst of the symptoms. 

Recently, my wife had a close call after being bitten by a tick.  Luckily, it was seen to after only a few days, but the episode brought home how easily Lyme disease can be caught and how careful we must all now be when walking outdoors.

I’m happy to join as an ambassador of Caudwell LymeCo, lending my skills and support to help raise awareness of Lyme disease and the charity’s fundraising efforts.

We are excited and grateful for Martin’s support, and look forward to working with him in the coming year.

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