Lme awareness bracelet

Caudwell LymeCo’s 1,000 Bracelet Challenge

What is the Caudwell LymeCo Bracelet Challenge?

Our challenge is simple. We want 1,000 people wearing Lyme awareness bracelets and starting conversations about Lyme disease

Donate £5 for research and tell others how to keep safe.


What is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease can hit anyone at any time. You can catch it from the bite of an infected tick – they look like tiny spiders – but it takes anything up to three months to get ill.

It feels like very bad flu, but can also cause extreme pain or numbness, tingling, electric shock feelings, irregular heart beats, headaches and eye problems, paralysis of the face, and even encephalitis.

You treat it with antibiotics, and some people get better, but others are left with these life-altering symptoms permanently.

Why are we raising money?

Lyme is one of the most under-researched diseases in the western world. According to the World Health Organisation, it’s been increasing across Europe at 14% a year.

We desperately need scientific research to tell us how to cure Lyme disease in everyone.

Caudwell LymeCo charity is in talks with the Department of Health to launch co-funded research and start finding answers. But we need to keep raising money  – research is expensive!

How to get your bracelet

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