Thank You

We want to say a massive THANK YOU to all our supporters, donors and fundraisers. Our mission of funding desperately needed research cannot be achieved without your help, and we are so grateful.

Here are some of our recent Lyme Legends.

LifeLyme Members

Those who give a monthly donation to the charity.

  • Sandie Clements
  • Teresa Cook
  • Robert Croydon
  • Janet Cutts
  • Dee Dadswell
  • Alan Davidson
  • Patricia & Ron Etchells
  • Michael Fenton
  • Sarah Green
  • Catherine Hancox
  • Robert Hood-Wright
  • Lee Marsden
  • Andrew Milsom
  • Adrian Ratcliffe
  • Des Scott
  • Jo Seabright
  • Katy Stedham
  • Jan Stevenson
  • David Tyndall
  • Sharron Wight
  • Anonymous members

Major Donors

We give thanks to the generous support of:

  • The Broadhurst Family
  • Graham Hunt
  • The Lambton Family
  • Karen & Rob Watkins
  • The Wintour Family

Trusts & Foundations

  • Pelham Family Trust
  • Major W Birkbeck Trust

Corporate & Community Support

We acknowledge the past support of Makewell.

Sporting Challenges

John O’Groats to Lands End

Martin Smith

Martin took on this epic bike ride after his friend Darren was admitted to hospital with extreme neurological symptoms of the disease. He sadly passed away from complications.

Martin raised almost £1,000 for our charity, but over £3,000 in total which was spilt between us and two other worthy charities.

Thank you, Martin!

Chase The Sun Bike Ride

Chris Sergeant

Chris took on a 205 mile bike ride across the south of the UK in one day to raise funds for Lyme disease, in honour of Darren, the same friend as Martin.

Sadly, Darren passed away a few days before the challenge, but Chris bravely carried on with the ride and has so far raised over £1,300. Well done Chris, we’re so grateful.

Vitality 10,000

Rachael Gibson

Rachael was struck down by Lyme disease in 2009 and suffered debilitating symptoms for 8 years before finally being diagnosed.

She ran the Vitality 10,000 with friends Charlotte and Katie in May 2019, and hopes that with further research and training for NHS doctors is in place, less people will have to suffer in the way she did. Thank you, Rachael!

Leeds Half Marathon

Charlotte Pegg

Charlotte, a former marathon runner, suffered rare neurological symptoms of Lyme disease when she caught the disease in 2018, including bilateral facial palsy.

She continues her recovery today, and in May, ran the Leeds Half Marathon with some of her colleagues, raising over £1,000 for our charity. What an inspiration! Thank you.

Exmoor Beauty 100km Bike Ride

Nick Macleod-Ash and the WOWSERS

Nick took on the Exmoor Beauty 100km Cycle Ride in April, along with his fantastically-named group, the WOWSERS (Wrinklies on Wheels- pictured!). They raised over £500. Thank you, WOWSERS!

Many members of the group have had friends, family members of colleagues who have been affected by Lyme.

Bath Half Marathon

Sharon Stevenson

Sharon’s partner Graeme got bitten by an infected tick in Dec 2017, and Lyme disease has given him debilitating symptoms such as ongoing chronic fatigue, aching joints, flu and neurological problems.  

She ran the Bath Half Marathon for the charity in March 2019 to help in our mission to get everyone help and treatment on the NHS and raised over £1,000! 

Brighton Marathon

Sarah Barrow

Sarah ran the marathon in memory of her beloved childhood friend, Fizz, who sadly took her own life due to the suffering she faced from Lyme disease.

Sarah smashed her fundraising target of £2,250 on what must have been a very emotional day. Well done Sarah!

Amber Coleman

Amber took on a number of challenges to raise money for her good friend Holly, who suffers from Lyme disease.

These challenges ended with the Brighton Marathon, and also included the London Naked Bike Ride! She absolutely smashed her £1,000 target, and we’re so grateful to all the training and hard work she put in. Thank you, Amber!

Vic Goodchild & Jack McCoombe

Vic and Jack were also running for their friend Holly, joining our other Brighton runners who were the first ever in the UK to run marathons in support of Lyme disease.

They raised an amazing amount of money, smashing their £2,500 target.

Thank you, Vic and Jack!

Molly Seekings

Molly’s friend Holly – who has Lyme disease – asked her if she’d like to raise money for Caudwell Lyme Co.

Molly was up for a challenge and wanted to help raise awareness, and the marathon seemed like a perfect way to do it.

Well done, Molly!

Nick Westwood

Nick decided to run the Brighton Marathon for to raise money for Caudwell LymeCo after a friend ended their life while suffering from the disease.

He’s passionate about raising awareness of the disease and raised a fantastic amount of money.

Thank you, Nick.

London Marathon

Greg Bishop

Greg ran the London Marathon in memory of someone very close to him who struggled desperately with Lyme disease and is no longer with us.

Not satisfied with completing the toughest marathon of his life in sweltering heat, this talented drummer gave a storming charity rock concert the same evening! He over doubled his fundraising target, raising almost £8,000 for the charity.

Well done, Greg!

Ironman UK

George Peirson

George took on the brutal Ironman UK in July 2018, in honor of his brother Charlie, who suffers from the disease. The challenge consisted of swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles and then running a marathon.

Having never done a sports challenge like this before, we think he’s super brave but also a little bit crazy!

George smashed his fundraising target of £3,000.Well done George!

Tough Mudder

Alice Liefgreen & Toby Pilditch

After the cousin of a close friend was severely affected by Lyme disease, Alice wanted to support the cause by completing  a Tough Mudder in September 2018.

She and her friend Toby raised a great amount of money for the charity.

Well done Alice & Toby!

Venice Marathon

Alex McGill & Stewart Charles

Alex and Stewart ran the Venice Marathon in October this year, in support of Alex’s wife, Lottie, who suffered from Lyme disease.

At the time, the majority of Venice was under water after the worst flooding in decades. But the boys powered through and raised an amazing amount of money for the charity.

Thank you both!

Fundraising Events

Lottie & Saskia’s Quiz Night

Lottie and Saskia Amor are sisters, and the wives of Alex and Stewart featured above.

As mentioned, Lottie suffered from Lyme Disease for three years.

She says she was lucky enough to be able to seek and receive the treatment she needed, but knows this isn’t the case for everyone.

Not to be outdone in the fundraising stakes, the ladies hosted a fundraising quiz night with family and friends and raised over £2,800!

Karen & Hazel’s Ladies’ Pamper Night

Karen’s is the mother of Fizz, for whom a few of the Brighton marathon runners ran in memory of.

She and her sister Hazel, Fizz’s aunt, hosted a ladies’ pamper evening, invited women from the local community to enjoy a night that included a fashion show, massages, manicures, cake and prosecco!

They raised over £2,200 for the charity.