Lyme Disease Information Leaflets

On this page you’ll find some downloadable leaflets with Lyme disease information, and some worksheets and teacher notes for use with children and in schools.

These leaflets may be printed, in unaltered form, and distributed freely without restrictions or the need for prior permission.

We also have some hard copy information leaflets (image below) with more up to date branding, as well as some leaflets on how people can get involved to support the charity. You can request from us via, or by calling 01630 620523.

Please scroll down for the downloadable leaflets.


What is Lyme disease?

Tick bite first aid

Avoiding tick bites

Camping checklist


“Biters and Bloodsuckers” worksheet

“Biters and Bloodsuckers” teacher notes

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set of lessons on “mini beasts”
for the UK national curriculum