Lyme Awareness & Educational Talks

One of our charity objectives is to help raise awareness and educate the public about Lyme disease.

To achieve this, one of the things we do is deliver FREE Lyme awareness talks out in the local community.

Why we offer these talks

We want to let as many people as possible know – especially those at highest risk from working or spending time in the outdoors – how to keep themselves and their families, friends, colleagues safe from Lyme disease.

It’s also important that people are able to spot the symptoms, and know when to consider whether what they have could be Lyme disease. The infection causes symptoms that are very similar to a number of other illnesses (Lyme is know as ‘the great imitator’) and treating the disease early on is important to prevent it from developing into a life-limiting illness.

Sample slide from the presentation

What do we include in the talk?

Our talk covers the steps to take to prevent getting a tick bite, how to remove a tick safely, how to spot the symptoms of Lyme disease, and what to do if you think you might have it.

The talk helped me and my colleagues have a better understanding of ticks and Lyme Disease. It also helped to dispel some false information regarding ticks.

It was really informative and I would recommend anyone who works in the outdoors to attend one of Caudwell LymeCo’s informative presentations.
Duncan, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Who delivers the talks?

The talks are carried out either by staff members at Caudwell LymeCo, or by one of our trusted volunteers.

Their focus is very much around prevention and awareness, and we try to make them as lighthearted and interactive as possible, avoiding scaremongering and encouraging people to enjoy the outside – just safely.

Where DBS checks and certificates are necessary, we can provide them.

Thank you so much for coming along to our Beaver/Cub session and giving us a super talk about Lyme disease.

The children enjoyed it and the pictures gave them a good idea of what ticks look like and what they do. I thought you hit the right note as you kept their interest and they engaged with you.
Pam, Waterhouses Beaver Group, Staffordshire

How do we book a free awareness talk?

Simply email us at, or call 01630 620523 for more information and to book.