Who We Are


Rosie Milsom – Fundraising Manager

Rosie is passionate about making a positive difference to people’s lives and helping Caudwell LymeCo succeed in our mission. She is responsible for increasing the charity’s fundraised income from individuals, corporate supporters, Trusts and volunteer fundraisers.

Rosie has over six years experience of working as a fundraiser for charities, having joined us from Birmingham Hippodrome where she helped to raise money for their education and outreach work with young, disabled and vulnerable community groups. Her previous work history includes roles in customer service and sales, and alongside her full time role here at Caudwell LymeCo, she also works as a registrar conducting and registering civil wedding ceremonies at venues in Staffordshire.


John Caudwell – Chairman


John Caudwell, a prominent British entrepreneur and philanthropist, found out last year that fifteen members of his family have Lyme disease as well as a range of co-infections typically found in Lyme disease patients. This inspired him to coin the term “LymeCo” to highlight that this is a complex condition often involving more than one infection.

John was shocked that some members of his family had been ill for so many years before being diagnosed with this terrible illness. He vowed to start a new charity to improve awareness and knowledge amongst the general public and the medical profession.

As chairman of Caudwell LymeCo, he spearheads the charity’s awareness raising work by making television and media appearances to tell his story.

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Rebekah Caudwell


Rebekah Caudwell, one of John’s daughters, runs an interior design company in London and New York and also has Lyme disease and co-infections.

She is committed to helping sufferers of Lyme disease reach a better future and to helping members of her family who are more severely affected by LymeCo.

Michael Fenton

Michael is a qualified accountant who has worked for John Caudwell for several years as Deputy Finance Director.

He provides accounting services on a voluntary basis and is a valued adviser to the charity.