Walk, Ride or Climb for Lyme

From 1 July to 30 September 2020, we’re asking our supporters to Walk, Ride or Climb for Lyme in a virtual challenge to help us keep on the path for change.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of many sporting and fundraising challenges, our charity is due to lose out on tens of thousands of pounds that would have been put towards our Lyme disease research fund.

Our ability to carry out life-changing research to improve the lives of the thousands of people suffering with Lyme is vital, and we need your help to ensure we can make this happen as soon as possible.

We’re therefore asking people passionate about improving care for Lyme patients to take on a trek, climb a hill or mountain, or even climb their stairs for our charity and raise money towards our research fund, whilst helping to raise awareness of Lyme.

So grab your running shoes, hiking boots or your cycling gear and Walk, Ride or Climb for Lyme!

Why take part?

Though coronavirus is a very present and real threat to our health, there are thousands of people suffering in silence with Lyme disease who need our help.

And with social distancing likely to remain for some time, many people are heading to the wide outdoors in order to spend time safely with friends and family. This increased amount of time in the countryside and in parks leaves many at a higher risk of tick bites, and becoming new victims of Lyme disease.

With much of the government focus on coronavirus, it’s more important than ever that charities like ours exist and are able to fund desperately needed research. The quicker we can raise money for the projects that are needed, the quicker they can take place.

How do I take part?

We know our supporters have a wide range of interests, and physical capabilities. Therefore we wanted to come up with a challenge that anyone could get involved with. Something that can be done solo, or with family and friends. Where you can pick your own pace, and decide the location, activity and distance.

If you’re shielding due to health reasons, you can walk the distance in your garden or perhaps even climb your stairs!

There are just three simple steps to take part:

Step 1 = Pick your activity

  • Walk (or run!)
  • Cycle
  • Climb

Step 2 = Pick your distance, hill or mountain

What you do is up to you! But here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Walk a mile a day for a month
  • One for the men! Walk a mile (or two!) in high heels
  • Walk or run 26 miles (a marathon) in a week
  • Cycle 100 miles in day/week/month
  • Cycle a route with landmarks or talking points near your town, taking photos as you go to share on social media
  • Climb a mountain in your country – or the stairs equivalent!
  • Ascend a climbing wall numerous times in one day

Scafell Pike, 978 meters, 6357 steps, approx. 423 flights of stairs
Mount Snowdon, 1085 meters, 7052 steps, approx. 470 flights of stairs
Ben Nevis, 1344 meters, 8736 steps, approx. 582 flights of stairs
Mount Kilimanjaro, 5895 meters, 38,317 steps, approx. 2554 flights of stairs

*estimates are based on 6.5 stairs covering a 1 metre height

Just make sure that whatever you do adheres to the government’s current guidelines on social distancing for where you live.

Step 3 = Share about your challenge and start fundraising!

Whether you raise £30, £300 or £3,000 – it all helps and we would be so grateful for the support.

Registration is free. Enter your interest here and we’ll send some tips for setting up your fundraising page on JustGiving and making the most of your challenge.

Raise over £75 in sponsorship and get a Caudwell LymeCo t-shirt or sports vest for free! Everyone who registers their interest and sets up a fundraising page will receive a free Lyme Awareness wrist band.

Track your progress and connect with other fundraisers

You can link your JustGiving fundraising page directly to Strava – an app which allows you to log your training and the amount of steps or miles you cover, climb or cycle during the challenge itself.

We’ve also created a special Strava group for all our participants. It means you can connect with others and it also creates a virtual leaderboard.

An invite to the group will be sent as soon as you set up your fundraising page.