O’Tom Tick Twister Offer

Offer for Caudwell LymeCo supporters

We’re delighted to be working with O’Tom Tick Twister, who have launched a special offer for Caudwell LymeCo supporters.

Their popular tick removal accessory, created by a veterinary surgeon originally for use on animals, has undergone recent development and testing to become a tool for use on humans too.

They sell colourful clipboxes such as the above which can be attached to your clothing or rucksack, as well as the removal accessory on its own.

The larger accessory can be used for adult ticks, and the smaller accessory has been designed to remove nymph ticks, although we suggest that you also carry a a sharper, tweezer-like removal tool for the tiniest nymph ticks.

The special offer

Caudwell LymeCo supporters who purchase any Tick Twister item or accessory on their UK website can enter promo code CLC19 when purchasing. This will give them a 5% discount on the item(s), and Tick Twister will also donate 5% of the sale to Caudwell LymeCo!

Meaning you get it cheaper, and make a small donation to our charity at no extra cost to you!

Thanks to Tick Twister for their support!

For more information on tick removal, check out our webpage on how to remove them safely.