The Caudwell Lyme Disease Manifesto

Caudwell Lyme Disease was founded to promote the following objectives:

1. We want every adult in the UK to recognise the symptoms of Lyme disease.

2. We want every GP in the UK to know about Lyme disease, and to send all patients who have its symptoms for diagnostic blood testing.

3. We want the NHS to use the most reliable blood test currently available.

4. We want NHS doctors to prescribe antibiotics to treat patients with Lyme disease and co-infections, for long enough, and at high enough doses.

5. We want no British citizen to have to go abroad and/or pay privately to obtain either diagnosis or medical treatment for Lyme or associated diseases.

6. We want UK doctors to continuously improve their understanding of Lyme disease, and to actively participate in further research.

7. We want patients with Lyme co-infections to be tested and treated for those conditions on the NHS.

8. We want patients who are unable to work, or who are physically disabled as a result of having Lyme disease, to receive disability benefits, and all other help which disabled UK citizens are entitled to.

9. We want more research to be carried out until there are highly reliable diagnostic tests and a completely effective cure for Lyme disease and its co-infections.

Michela Metcalf - 12