Support your loved ones in the Caudwell ‘Lobby for Lyme research funding’ email campaign

Please support your friend or family member with Lyme disease. This page helps you compose an email to your MP to increase the lobbying pressure.

Copy our template below and personalise it if you can, naming the person you are writing about and adding two sentences about how their life is affected by Lyme disease.

Please send an email to your Local MP, and copy in Jeremy Hunt, your local newspaper, and national newspapers. 

Contact details below:

  1. Look up your MPs email address here: MPs UK parliament
  2. Jeremy Hunt –
  3. Choose some media outlets from this list of emails – Contact a news organisation
  4. Find your local newspaper (or other media outlets) hereMedia Info

Email your MP on behalf of your friend or family member!

[Your full name and address including postcode. This is essential for your MP to accept your email.]

Dear [name of your MP]

Please lobby the Health Secretary to accept John Caudwell’s proposal and demand for funding for Lyme Disease research.

I am writing on behalf of a constituent of yours, someone I love who is suffering from Lyme Disease. It is a disease that is  destroying not only their life, but also the lives of thousands of once healthy and happy people across the country. These patients have been abandoned by the NHS, which the Department of Health has failed to properly equip with the knowledge and resources required to help Lyme Disease victims.

Up to a third of people who catch Lyme disease still suffer incurable symptoms after treatment. Lyme Disease can strike anyone at any time. It is an infection spread by tick bites that attacks the nerves, the brain, heart, joints, and eyes, and can also cause skin rashes. It is one of the commonest and fastest-growing diseases in Europe, spreading at a rate of 14% per year. Currently there is no effective monitoring system in place to even accurately determine how many people have the disease. Symptoms are often caught late or missed entirely, due to a lack of medical knowledge.

Despite this, successive governments have repeatedly failed to properly fund an effective programme of research and the search for ways to improve treatment. The new NICE guidelines, published in April, highlight the appalling shortage of research done into this disease. Since then we have heard little to nothing from the government about how they plan to tackle this growing public health crisis.

Many thousands of people in Britain with chronic Lyme disease need to get back to work, or school, or bringing up their children. As long as this inaction continues, there is no hope for them.

Please call on Jeremy Hunt to finally take the action needed and offer real help to Lyme Disease victims. We need government funding for research so people with Lyme disease can get better, and prevent other people suffering the same, destructive disease.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name.] 

Thank you for helping Lyme patients by supporting this campaign. Please share this page and ask your friends to do the same.