Our Monthly Virtual Fundraising Quiz!

We’re run a monthly Virtual Fundraising Quiz event to raise money towards our Lyme disease research fund.

This fully-hosted online quiz allow for our supporters to play from anywhere.


We currently have quizzes scheduled in for:

Wednesday 18th March 2020 at 8pm.

Wednesday 15th April 2020 at 8pm.

How does it work?

Simply head to our Virtual Quiz Events webpage to register. It takes just a couple of minutes, and costs just £3 per entry.

Once registered, you’ll be given a unique code to enter for when the quiz you’ve chosen starts. It’s played online in real time by everyone registered.

There will be 6 rounds of questions on general knowledge, music, TV and film. At the end of each round, you’ll be given your rankings to let you know where you are in the game!

Those who come in first, second and third place will win a cash prize, and the charity also gets a portion of the entry fees.

Why not make it a bit of a competition and pit yourselves against friends and family by encouraging them to take part (on their own devices!)?

The more people who take part, the more in the cash prize pot!

Why a virtual quiz?

We know that a lot of our supporters are based right across the UK, and might struggle to get to an event that isn’t local.

We also know that many of them may be suffering from Lyme disease symptoms that leave them bedridden.

We’d like to bring them together, and give them a fun and easy way to support our charity, whilst also having the chance to win themselves some money, all in the comfort of their own home!

Where do I sign up?

Register your place at the quiz event here.