Our charity partnership with Kidunk

We are absolutely thrilled to announce a charity partnership Kidunk – the first collaboration of its kind between a Lyme disease charity and outdoor clothing company here in the UK.

Who are Kidunk?

Kidunk is an award-winning company that helps to make getting kids outdoors easier with protective, breathable, and practical clothing for children. The brand looked at traditional clothing solutions for winter and summer and found that options available on the market fell short of requirements for parents and kids. They’ve won over 10 consumer awards as well as a prestigious Gold European design award in 2019 and their clothing is sold internationally.

The partnership

The partnership came about when Kidunk launched its lightweight summer range last year, the success of the collection was based on it been ‘fully protective’, made with a UVA protective material but also because of its styling – zipped waist, elasticated cuffs and ankles and close fitting necklines.  

The summer design makes it ideal as a preventative step against insects including ticks when children play or spend time outdoors in the countryside, forests, urban parks and gardens to name a few.

With this in mind, Kidunk approached Caudwell LymeCo with a proposal to become a charity corporate partner.

Starting in May and throughout the Summer, Kidunk will support Caudwell LymeCo, working together to raise awareness of tick bite prevention through a series of initiatives across social media and digital platforms. Kidunk will be providing digital resource and also sending Lyme disease literature from the charity out with orders.

The brand will donate 10% of sales of its summer range to the charity for its research programs and provide further opportunities for awareness via their existing partnerships and collaborations with organisations such as Forestry England and the Outdoor Guide. It is hoped that a series of pop up events will also take place later in the autumn, but of course this is subject to access to the countryside and sites through the relaxing of Covid 19 lockdown measures.

Kidunk Co-Founder and Designer Lisa Joyce said:

‘We are absolutely delighted to be working with this fantastic charity. As a brand, we actively encourage families to get outside and enjoy the countryside, but in a safe manner. Whilst the current situation of course limits outdoor access, we are seeing families explore the countryside on their doorsteps and closer to home.

Being outdoors has never been so important but of course it’s essential it is safe and within the guidelines. Our summer suit design makes it a perfect protective garment for younger children and a great step towards prevention of insect bites.

We are extremely grateful for their support of our Lyme disease research fund, and excited for the opportunity to raise awareness of Lyme through their existing partnerships. We love the company’s values, and from the start it has left like a great fit.

Their high quality, fun clothing for children can help to protect them from ticks whilst they enjoy the outdoors. Kidunk are a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

You can browse and purchase the summer range here.