Fundraising for Caudwell LymeCo

Planning a fundraising event for Caudwell LymeCo?

1. Please contact us first

If you are planning a fundraising event, please CONTACT US first to register your details with us. We will ask you what you plan to do, and how we may be able to support you. We will also agree the physical methods you will use to collect money, and other details.

We will sent you our fundraising information and issue a Fundraising Authorisation Certificate which will prove you are registered and that your event is a bone fide fundraiser for our charity.

If you see a fundraising web page or you are asked to donate money in aid of Caudwell LymeCo Charity, you may contact us to check whether the fundraiser is an authorised event that we are aware of.

2. Make your fundraising page

If you wish to run a marathon, skydive or organise any other fundraising event, the easiest way to collect sponsorship from your supporters online is by creating a MyDonate page in aid of Caudwell LymeCo Charity.

Unlike some other crowdfunding websites, MyDonate does not take any commission for itself but passes on every penny to us. They also add on another 25% by claiming income tax back from the Inland Revenue for any donors who are UK taxpayers.

MyDonate passes all the money you raise directly into the charity’s bank account, making it the simplest and safest way possible for you to raise donations and publicise what you are doing through your social media and other online channels.

To create your MyDonate event page, visit the Caudwell LymeCo Charity page on MyDonate and register.

3. Tell everyone why the money is needed

To make a success of your fundraiser you will need to explain what Caudwell LymeCo needs money for, and why you personally feel motivated to help. Remember to add your own personal story to make your appeal persuasive and more likely to be shared by your friends on social media.

You can use any text or images from our Why Donate to Caudwell LymeCo? page to provide some facts and figures.

4. Please tell us how it went!

We love receiving stories and photos of fundraising activities. If you have an original idea, you could write about it so others can try it as well.

Other ways to help

A. Easy fundraising

Several thousand companies including Amazon, Sainsburys, Ebay and countless retailers and services companies are ready to donate their money to Caudwell LymeCo Charity each time you shop with them, at no cost to yourself!

All you have to do is create an login, so they know that you want them to send their donations to us. From then on, when you shop, just go to first, click from there to the website you need, and do your shopping as usual.

If you often shop from your tablet or phone, download the app to make sure the donations come to us with no hassle for you. For PC users, you can add a tab in your browser which reminds you to do all your shopping through

B. Direct donation

If you pay UK income tax, for every £1 you donate, we can get £1.25.

C. Corporate supporters

You can also start donating to us as you shop, via our corporate supporters.