How to boost fundraising for your challenge

When you do a sponsored challenge for Caudwell LymeCo, raising lots of money isn’t just great for the charity, it will also increase your own satisfaction.

Nobody can guarantee viral online success, but with a little of the right effort, here is how to maximise your chances….

Register your page

Create your personalised Caudwell LymeCo Charity fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving.

Add photos

Use pictures to bring your page to life. They probably matter more than anything else on your page, especially when it comes to whether or not people decide to click “share”. Choose photos which are appealing and memorable.

You can also add some informative graphics from our website which will be more interesting than solid text. Visit our Why Donate to Caudwell LymeCo? page to provide some facts and figures.

Add text to explain what you are raising money for

Explain what Lyme disease is and why Caudwell LymeCo charity is raising money.

You can copy this text:

“About Lyme Disease – Lyme disease can strike anyone at any time. It is an infection spread by the bite of infected ticks which can affect the nerves, brain, heart, joints and eyes, and can also cause skin rashes. Research suggests a third or more of patients remain ill after treatment, in some cases permanently.”

“Why are we raising money? – Lyme disease is one of the most under-researched diseases in the western world. We lack scientific evidence on how to cure Lyme disease, how to diagnose it reliably or even how many people have it and how it spreads. Caudwell LymeCo raises money to fund vital research into Lyme disease. The charity’s goal is for every Lyme disease patient in the UK to be treated and completely cured on the NHS.”

Add a link to the Caudwell LymeCo website so people can read more about the charity if they wish.

Add text to explain why you personally feel motivated to help

Getting people interested is all about telling a story. Give it a title that will grab attention and make your event stand out from the crowd.

What inspired you to get involved? How did you choose which charity to support? Why this fundraising event in particular?

If you are stuck, contact the charity directly and we will help you.

Send messages personally

Sending out blanket requests for sponsorship to everyone you know isn’t the best way to make people feel wanted. You needn’t send out individual requests, but it’s worth customising your messages by groups such as family, friends and colleagues.

Remember, be creative. There’s no need to send out a dull email. Use pictures to help bring it all to life.

Top tip! If you can, try and find your most generous potential sponsors first. That way, when other people visit your fundraising page, they may be tempted to match or ‘out sponsor’ them!

Write a press release for your local paper

Sending a press release to your local newspapers and radio stations can help gain extra publicity and sponsorship. Fundraising events and challenges make great human interest stories, and local publications are often happy to include pieces on them.

Don’t overlook free publications. Most villages or parishes have a “What’s on in Frognall End” type magazine paid for by advertising.

Depending on the nature of your event, there may also be special interest publications that publish stories similar to yours.

Check out our ‘how to write a press release’ page for more information.

Don’t be shy

Don’t just limit yourself to asking friends and family whom you know well to support you.

Ask friends to spread the word on your behalf. Most friends will do this if you ask them in an individual message, but very few indeed will bother if you just post something on Twitter or Facebook.

Use the places you go to for work or leisure to promote your cause with posters or flyers. Some companies will support employees with matched funding or time off to fundraise. It’s also worth asking your donors if their companies have a matching gifts programme too.

Try something extra or think outside the box

Some fundraisers find extra success in running a bake sale at work and adding this to their sponsorship total.

Or perhaps you could ask your employer if the office can have a dress down day for £2 per person and add the donations from this to your sponsorship total.

Keep reminding people

Why not add a link to your fundraising page to your e-mail signature?

Use your social media feeds to update people on how preparations are going, your training ups and downs, and to keep posting new photos.

Send “Thank you” messages

Don’t forget to send a thank you message to your sponsors. They’ll really appreciate it.

Let them know how you got on!

Just because your fundraising event has finished it doesn’t have to mean your fundraising has. On average, fundraising pages collect a third of their total donations AFTER the challenge has been completed.

Tell people how the event went. Was it tougher than you anticipated? Did anything unexpected happen? Do you want to thank supporters who came to cheer you on? Remind everyone how important your cause is. Add photos of yourself completing the event.

Share photos on your social media channels and send another batch of personal emails letting people know how your challenge went. They may be tempted to donate when they see just how well you did!