Ask us about the Lyme disease NICE guideline

The NICE guideline for Lyme disease outlines how NHS doctors in the UK should diagnose and treat people with suspected or confirmed Lyme disease. The CEO of Caudwell LymeCo, Veronica Hughes, was a lay member of the committee which studied the research evidence to produce this guideline.

If you want to understand why your NHS doctor may have made certain decisions regarding your diagnosis or treatment, or learn more about the research evidence used in writing the guideline, you can use the contact for on this page to ask your questions.

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We also provide general information about Lyme disease: Information for patients and the public

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Please note that we can suggest questions you may wish to discuss with your doctor, and we can explain what the treatment guideline says, but we cannot give medical advice. You must always take the advice of a qualified medical practitioner with a licence to practise medicine.