Our Challenge is Live! DOUBLE your Donation for FREE

Our Big Give Christmas Challenge is now LIVE!

This the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign, which gives donors an amazing opportunity to double their donation towards the causes they care about.

This year, we’re trying to raise a total of £6,000 during the campaign. All proceeds will be going towards our Innovation Fund for Lyme disease research, which will begin in 2021. This is the first programme of its kind in the UK.

You have the opportunity to become a pioneer of this work, and get your donation DOUBLED for free at the same time.

If you’re passionate about improving care for Lyme patients on the NHS, and if you’re able, then please give whatever you can to help support our work.

How does it work?

From 12pm Tuesday 1 December to 12pm to Tuesday 8 December 2019, every donation made via our campaign page on the Big Give website will be doubled*.

So if you donate £10, it becomes worth £20. If you donate £25, it becomes worth £50, and so on.

We know that times are tough for many during the pandemic, and not everyone will be in a position to give. But for those who are able, they’ll have the opportunity to double the impact of their donation and the knowledge that it will reach twice as far.

We need the support of those passionate about our mission to donate whatever they can and help raise £3,000, which will be matched by pledges of £3,000 already secured from generous donors. A massive thank you to Conrad Family Office and Prima Solutions for being our pledgers.

We hope that you’ll be able to support us, by either donating, or sharing our campaign. Thank you.

Read more about how the campaign works on our Big Give Christmas Challenge webpage, and make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list if you’d like to donate or get updates on the campaign.

*donations will be doubled up the pledge funding is all used.

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