Our August campaign with Tick Twister

We’ve teamed up with SimplyV, makers of the Tick Twister removal tool, to help promote and encourage the safe removal of ticks this summer.

August is the middle of peak tick season and the time when the majority of UK cases of Lyme are diagnosed. Taking steps to prevent tick bites, carrying out a thorough tick check on yourselves and your pets, and removing ticks as soon as possible with a tool like Tick Twister are all vital steps to help avoid catching Lyme disease.

SimplyV have a range of colourful, handy and effective Tick Twister products, including their new Human 3 Pack, made especially to help remove the smaller nymph ticks.

We’re extremely grateful that they will be donating 10% of all purchases made during August to our Lyme disease research fund.

Head to www.simplyv.co.uk to browse the selection, and make a purchase. You’ll be helping to keep yourself safe and supporting our charity at the same time!

Both organisations will also be sharing social media posts throughout the month to help raise awareness of Lyme and associated diseases.

You can follow us on Facebook here, and SimplyV here.

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