Teach your children some tick bite safety

Teaching at home

Do your children know how to tell a tick from a spider? Do they know which kind of flies drink blood? Do they know how to protect themselves from Britain’s most dangerous parasite?

We have downloadable worksheets to teach them how to avoid tick danger, without scaring them off playing outside! There is also a lesson plan with a full script for parents and teachers to read or present. Scroll down for links to the documents.

Raising awareness further

If you teach your children successfully about Lyme disease safety at home, why not offer to present on tick bite safety at their school, guides or scout groups?

The worksheets, lesson plans and other teaching materials on this page are designed to support the Mini-Beasts Key Stage 2 component of the UK national curriculum.

Biters and bloodsuckers
This lesson teaches children to recognise mini-beasts which bite and drink blood, how to stay safe and what to do if they are bitten. It focuses in particular on ticks, which are by far Britain’s most dangerous mini-beast as they spread Lyme disease.

This infection which attacks the nerves, brain, heart, eyes and joints and can cause skin rashes, and which leaves at least 1/3 of its victims with incurable symptoms. Children are particularly prone to catching Lyme disease because of the way they play on grass, and are vulnerable to the most severe symptoms.

Download the worksheets for free via the links below.

Biters and Bloodsuckers 1 – ENJOY THE COUNTRYSIDE SAFELY – worksheet

Biters and Bloodsuckers 1 – ENJOY THE COUNTRYSIDE SAFELY – teacher notes

Biters and Bloodsuckers Powerpoint Animated Presentation (The animation is controlled by mouse clicks)

Biters and Bloodsuckers Presentation PDF format (A printable version of the presentation).

For the school medical officer

If you’re not confident giving a presentation, why not offer some leaflets to the school or print out this mini-poster for the first aid room?


You can request leaflets from us by emailing lymecocharity@caudwell.com.

For more teaching materials

To carry on the focus on mini-beasts and countryside safety, visit our primary school resource page.

One thought on “Teach your children some tick bite safety

  1. Would be a good idea to tell parents to print out the worksheet and take it to their doctors as well.

    Just a thought.

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    Management Advisory Group International, Inc.

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    Fairfax, Virginia 22033

    Cell: 703-314-2740

    Office: 703-590-7250

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