Meet Rosie, our new fundraising manager

How long have you been working in fundraising?

I’ve been a fundraiser for six years now. I started as a Fundraising Administrator at Birmingham Hippodrome, where we raised money for a programme of education and outreach work with vulnerable and hard to reach communities. I worked up to Fundraising Executive level, looking after the everyday management of the membership schemes, individual donations and events. I also worked in corporate fundraising and in Trusts & Foundations funding. I’m very much looking forward to bringing what I’ve learned to Caudwell LymeCo.

What do you enjoy most about fundraising?

Being a fundraiser is very much both a heart AND head kind of role. You need to care and be passionate about what your charity does, and be a vocal advocate of the work, but also have a head for strategy and data. I love using both my compassionate side, and more strategic, logical side at the same time! It also feels great to know that the work I’m doing could help to benefit many people.

Also, the fundraising world is often changing, and the ways in which you can learn and improve what you’re doing are almost endless! So no day is ever the same twice.

 Why Lyme disease?

I had heard of Lyme disease before joining this role, but like many others, I didn’t know the specifics. The more I researched and heard about Lyme disease, the more I felt that this was a cause I could really get behind. I’ve been shocked at the scale of the problem around diagnosis and treatment, and touched by the stories of those who have been suffering with this disease. In fundraising, you have a very real opportunity to make a big impact on those in need and change lives for the better. I’m hoping I can be part of that change.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I love to sing (I actually have a Performing Arts degree!) and am part of the All Woman choir based in Stafford, who perform concerts at the Victoria Hall and Trentham gardens, among other venues.

I also taking my dog Jax, a pug/cairn terrier on walks with my husband. Jax is the absolute apple of my eye, and working here has made me realise I need to check him for ticks more often!

Tell me something surprising about yourself.

Although my role at Caudwell LymeCo is a full time one, I also have a ‘weekend job’ as a registrar, conducting and registering marriages and civil ceremonies. It’s a great job, more like a paid hobby really!

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