PRESS RELEASE: New website identifies 12 dangers of the British Countryside


12 May 2017


A new website has been launched to educate the British public about the serious dangers the countryside contains, with twelve being highlighted for particular attention. sees two non-profit organisations, Caudwell LymeCo charity and Lyme Disease UK, collaborate to raise awareness and provide support to people who have suffered the bites of Britain’s most dangerous arachnid, the tick. Ticks are nature’s dirty needles spreading devastating infections, including Lyme disease.

Speaking at the launch of the website, John Caudwell, Founder, Chairman and Trustee of Caudwell LymeCo said:

“I am proud that my charity is launching this new website and I hope it will help reduce the number of people catching Lyme and other tick borne diseases in Britain.  Every year, according to the NHS, two to three thousand people contract Lyme disease from ticks. That’s a staggering 5-8 cases every single day. I hope will help others enjoy our natural beauty spots safely.”

The website offers vital information on how to recognise, avoid and deal with bites, stings and encounters with the ‘Dirty Dozen Dangers’ in Britain. Advice ranges from how to avoid stepping on adders, to the safe removal of toxic hairy caterpillars.

The website will feature a growing list of guest writers and celebrities offering exciting ideas on how to enjoy the countryside, from foraging for natural foods to meditating or exercising.

CEO of Caudwell LymeCo, Veronica Hughes said:

“Our aim is to encourage people to go out into nature and enjoy all its beauty through walks, sports and healthy activities whilst raising awareness of how to stay safe. Few British people would know what to do if they got bitten by a tick, which can paralyse or cause encephalitis; how to help someone if a bee sting leads to anaphylactic shock; or how to placate stampeding cattle.”

Future projects will see develop activities and educational materials for schools and sporting organisations, online competitions and other community-building projects.

Natasha Metcalf, co-founder of Lyme Disease UK said:

“So many patients with tick-borne diseases in our support group caught their illness whilst, ironically, trying to improve their health by spending more time outdoors. We want to protect others from suffering from infectious diseases transmitted by ticks. Being forewarned is being forearmed.”

Anyone interested in advertising on or in writing a guest article are invited to make their initial approach via the website’s Contact page.

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For further information please contact:


Caudwell LymeCo charity 



Lyme Disease UK




Notes to Editors

Enjoy the Countryside

Enjoy the Countryside is a not-for-profit collaboration between Caudwell LymeCo charity and Lyme Disease UK, to educate the British public and tourists, reduce incidences of harm, and promote the outdoors.  Britain’s countryside is among the most beautiful in the world, and also among the safest in terms of dangerous wild animals or poisonous plants. There are still some dangers to look out for.

Caudwell LymeCo charity

Caudwell LymeCo charity is a registered charity whose aim is to help victims of tick borne diseases in the UK through education, public awareness and collaboration with healthcare providers.

Lyme Disease UK

Lyme Disease UK is a non-profit group run by volunteers to support patients with Lyme and associated diseases, and to share information and raise awareness in the UK.

John Caudwell

John Caudwell is a successful entrepreneur and a philanthropist. As an entrepreneur, John built an immensely successful mobile telecoms company, which, over the course of around 20 years, he grew to be one of the most successful businesses in Britain. John founded what is now one of Europe’s most efficient children’s support charities, Caudwell Children, which has contributed millions of pounds to support seriously ill and handicapped children whose families cannot afford or cannot get the help they so desperately need from anywhere else. Through his philanthropy he has also helped causes as varied as the Elton John Aids Foundation, The Prince’s Regeneration Trust and London’s Bomber Command Memorial.


2 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: New website identifies 12 dangers of the British Countryside

  1. This site is so appreciated because of the information provided to Lyme disease. Lyme disease is so horrendous. I know because i am a victim. It too 3 1/2 o 4 years to even find out what was making m so sick. I did get treatment, but not cured. If so many of us had found out sooner, like Rufus Caudwell, we could have done so much better. Treatment works, early treatment is far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far superior. Once the Lyme and co-infection pathogens can get deep into our tissues, it is so much more difficult to eradicate.

  2. Just a comment about testing. I was so sick, no balance, couldn’t get up off the floor (infeccted muscles), constant pain, zero sleep and many other symptoms. The western blot and other lab tests came back negative. But a DNA/PCR urine lab test from came back positive. Treatment gave me my life back until it was jerked by a rare jerk LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor). My first LLMD saved my life. Most LLMDs are very competent. I have used for tissue tests. Same results as IgeneX, except DNAconnexions results are much more detailed.. IgeneX has told me their results are going to get more detailed. We shall see. IgeneX has suffered much because they were the first bonafide Lyme testing lab. There are more Lyme testing labs coming on board. Probably most are very good. DNA/PCR testing will tell what is going on. Tissue and urine (urine shows what the body is trying to get rid of by way of cleansing) DNA/PCR are much more accurate than blood tests. I must add in fairness that the jerk LLMD was being challenged by conventional medicine, possibly even to the loss of his medical licnse. Jerk conventional medicine authorities who will not leave doctors to practice medicine. I have found ALL government agencies do not want to cure us but keep us sick so they can give us lots of pills (profits drug companies), and keep us coming back (profits general doctors insurance companies and government agencies). The government agencies, drug and insurance companies are training our doctors and wants to keep doctors from treating us effectively. Once our health goes south and we cannot keep working, paying taxes, then kill us off. If we can keep working and paying medical bills and buying drugs, we are a profit to them. This is my personal and experiential opinion. Also, my opinion: Let me meet, observe, talk and listen to anyone chronically sick for 10 minutes. My opinion will be as accurate as any lab. Follow up my observation with a urine DNA/PCR test for Lyme disease and I’ll bet I am right. I do not say this off the top of my head. After finally getting diagnosed with Lyme disease. These people will respond to treatment> On my regular charity collection walks around just two blocks of my neighborhood, I found two people who I sent to my LLMD. Both tested PCR/DNA positive and benefited from treatment. I have observed many very sick people since then, and they had Lyme too. Any new doctor who specializes in Lyme treatment in medical school (I just pray that will happen some day soon), and needs new patients can hire me or ask for my voluntary services, and I will send that doctor more patients than he can treat. I don’t care how many new Lyme disease doctors, I can keep them all busy. And yes, there is that much Lyme disease not only in the United States, Canada, Britain and but also in other countries of the world, I could keep my promise.

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