Corporate supporters: Innatoss

DISCLAIMER: Caudwell LymeCo charity does not recommend or endorse any specific medical treatment, diagnostic test or therapist. Any information shared on this website should never replace the advice of a qualified physician with a license to practise medicine.

Innatoss Laboratories BV has become a corporate supporter of Caudwell LymeCo, and will donate 5% of all sales of Lyme disease tests ordered from the UK to the charity.


About Innatoss

From the laboratory:

“Innatoss offers diagnostic testing services for a variety of infections, notably those difficult to diagnose, and also carries out research into new testing technologies. Its researchers recently received €2 million from the European Union to lead a consortium which is working on developing a more sensitive and accurate test for Lyme disease.

In addition to national registration as a diagnostic manufacturer, Innatoss works according to ISO 15189 standards and has a full time Quality Manager who ensures all new systems introduced comply with these rigorous standards.”

The Lyme tests currently offered

About the tests:

“Innatoss offers private patients a panel of five currently available tests for Lyme disease, which are commercially produced CE marked standardised tests, and independently evaluated for reliability. These tests are the IgM/IgG ELISA, the C6 ELISA, and the IgM/IgG western blot.

  1. ELISA IgG (Euroimmun)
  2. ELISA IgM (Euroimmun)
  3. C6 ELISA
  4. Western blot 1 (usually Euroimmun IgG/IgM/Mikrogen recomLine)
  5. Western blot 2 (usually Euroimmun IgG/IgM/Mikrogen recomLine)”
Price and practicalities

From Innatoss Laboratories:

“The panel of tests offered by Innatoss costs €179 and can be ordered online. This price includes the test kit with blood collection tube and return packaging. Courier delivery is required to return your blood sample, and available at a reduced business-to-business rate of €70.50 from the UK to the laboratory in Netherlands.

“For every test ordered from the UK, Innatoss will donate €8.95 to Caudwell LymeCo charity.

You will need a medical professional to draw your blood for you, so please find a suitably qualified person to do this for you before ordering your test kit.”

Further information

Please refer to the Caudwell LymeCo page on testing to gain an overview of Lyme disease testing on the National Health Service.

For further information on the diagnostic tests offered by Innatoss, please make direct contact with Innatoss not Caudwell LymeCo.

Find out more or order a Lyme disease test from Innatoss




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