Corporate supporters: Make Well

DISCLAIMER: Caudwell LymeCo charity does not recommend or endorse any specific medical treatment, diagnostic test or therapist. Any information shared on this website should never replace the advice of a qualified physician with a license to practise medicine.

Make Well Nutritionals, a German company that sells high quality nutritional supplements and scientifically researched herbal remedies, sponsors Caudwell LymeCo by offering a 10% discount to customers referred to them by our website, and donating 5% of what they spend to our charity.

Statement from Make Well

The majority of Make Well products have the following characteristics:

  • made in Germany and Austria
  • hypoallergenic
  • free from artificial additives
  • free from colorants and preservatives
  • free from lactose / fructose / gluten
  • free from gelatin
  • suitable for vegans / vegetarians

All products, with their ingredients and product description, can be seen at the Make Well Shop website.


Besides vitamins, minerals, probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants and also healthy foods, Make Well Nutritionals also sells herbal remedies, including the Lyme Plus Protocol, a scientifically researched herbal protocol to support people with Lyme disease and co-infections.

The Lyme Plus Protocol has been used by doctors and clinics in Europe and the US since 2012.


To learn more about the Lyme Plus Protocol and the scientific study about it, you may wish to visit the Make Well research page.

To honor and support the work of Caudwell Lyme Disease and its supporters, Make Well Nutritionals has agreed to give Caudwell Lyme Disease charity supporters a 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL PURCHASES and, at the same time, Make Well will donate 5% of the value of everything you buy to the Caudwell Lyme Disease charity.

If you want to benefit from that cooperation, go to the Make Well Shop and follow these steps:

1. Click on “My account” at the top of the site

2. Click on „Next“ below „New Customer“.

3. Fill in your data and the shop code Caudwell.

4. Click on „Complete Registration“.

5. Start shopping! You will automatically get a 10% discount, and get 5% donated to Caudwell Lyme Disease as you shop.


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