Call for participants in a study on the genetics of Lyme disease

The BCA clinic and BCA Lab in Augsbug, Germany, as well as, Dr. Leona Gilbert’s Research Team at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland are conducting a study into the role of genetics in Lyme disease symptoms. They are looking for participants in the study. Caudwell Lyme Disease charity welcomes this study and urges all Lyme disease patients in the UK or further afield to offer their participation if they fit the selection criteria.

Gene expression in chronic Lyme patients, a pilot study

There is little scientifically proven knowledge of the influence of genetic factors in the course of Lyme disease. This study aims to investigate the genes of patients suffering from late stage and difficult-to-treat Lyme disease, and their gene expression profile, for the first time.

We need participants for the study but, because of the nature of genetic research, our selection criteria have to be very strict indeed. We know that it will not be easy to find participants. If you do fit the selection criteria, we would ask you to help all Lyme patients by offering to participate.

Candidate patients to be included in the study must fulfill all of the following criteria:

We are looking for pairs of siblings, either two brothers, two sisters, or brother-sister, of whom one sibling is suffering from Lyme disease and one is not suffering from Lyme disease. The healthy sibling must not have any symptoms of chronic Lyme disease.

Apart from this, the inclusion criteria for both participants, i.e. the patient and his/her healthy sibling, are equal: Both must have experienced a tick bite, with Erythema migrans, and must have antibodies against Borrelia detected by a blood test.

In other words, we are looking for sibling pairs where one is ill with Lyme disease, and the other is a healthy antibody carrier as summarized in the following table:

Gene study table

The age of the participants must be between 20 and 60 years at the time of participating in the study.

If you fulfill all requirements and would like to take part in this study, please contact us using the following e-mail address:

The questionnaire (Part 1) will then be sent to you.

Later on, we will need to know your clinical symptoms of Lyme disease, as assessed by an experienced and specialized physician. The information required will be asked in the next step of the application (Part 2).

For more information on the BCA-clinic as well as the BCA-lab, please visit our websites:

Thank you for your help!

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One thought on “Call for participants in a study on the genetics of Lyme disease

  1. The diversity in treatment, the omission lack of reporting, not checking on co-infections and non believe in chronic Lyme, are the most important reasons of a failure in a diagnostic protocol.
    Microscopic research is for me the only way co confirm diagnosis.
    Darkfield or Phase contrast make spirochetes vissable.

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