John Caudwell on This Morning

When John Caudwell appeared on ITV’s This Morning and talked about his how family has suffered from the devastating effects of Lyme disease for many years, it was a watershed moment for Lyme disease sufferers in the UK.

Many patients, not yet diagnosed, had a life-changing “Ah-ha!” moment. They realised, as John spoke about his family, that he was describing the very same terrible symptoms that they, or a loved one, had suffered for years with no diagnosis.

Since the broadcast, John has received a steady flood of messages from these people, telling him they have now had positive blood tests for Lyme disease, thanking him, asking him for advice. Many tell stories of years of being neglected and even ridiculed by their doctors when they asked for help.

The people already diagnosed with Lyme disease felt that, at last, they had an ally who might have enough power to change the shocking neglect with which they are treated on the NHS.



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